Simplify Media

Simplify Media

Share your iTunes or Winamp library from any PC

Simplify Media is an attractive and incredibly fast way of sharing your media - whether it be on iTunes or Winamp - with other users. View full description


  • Allows you to share from both Winamp and iTunes
  • Easily allows you to browse friend's albums
  • Allows you to make playlists quickly


  • Doesn't allow you to share music purchased on iTunes
  • Limited to 30 friends

Very good

Simplify Media is an attractive and incredibly fast way of sharing your media - whether it be on iTunes or Winamp - with other users.

The program automatically detects your music collection and whether you use Winamp or iTunes as your habitual player.

Afterwards, you can send invitations via Simplify Media to share your music collection with other iTunes and Winamp users. It's a wonderful concept in that you can access all those cool friends that your friend without doing anything that may be considered illegal such as via a P2P network.

The downside obviously is that unless your friend is online at the same time as you, you can't view or share their collection. You can only invite up to 30 friends also which is a bit of a drawback and if you've purchased music on iTunes, you can't share that either - only music that you've ripped yourself.

Note that also you can only share two songs at one time but since you can only physically only listen to one track at a time anyway, this is not a major issue.

However, for music buddies that love to share their music with each other but live miles apart, this is a truly brilliant program that nicely avoids illegal P2P downloading issue while giving you many of the benefits.

Let's just hope that the powers that be don't get their hands on it.

A superb application that makes music sharing a pleasure and runs no risk of blocking your bandwidth or engaging you in illegal downloading.


  • For the past two days we have experienced network problems with the Simplify servers. We apologize for the interruption in our service and believe that Build 1555 will help mitigate those connection errors. Build 1555 is a mandatory update for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu clients, and you will receive notification to install it over the next few hours.

Enjoy music from home while at work or school. Explore friends' music while they are online with no fear of being prosecuted or breaching P2P downloading laws.

This is the ultimate way to share music with friends over long distances. There are no hidden charges, no spyware and no links to encourage you to buy music.

Simplify Media


Simplify Media