Simplify Media

Simplify Media

Share your music anytime, anywhere


  • Allows sharing of music anywhere
  • Works across platforms and devices


  • Doesn't work with all media players
  • Streaming can be slow sometimes

Very good
Sharing your music with others is a great way to get into new music and also reveal what awesome/terrible taste you have.

The good thing is that this has become much easier with the advent of WiFi which allows you to effortlessly stream your music to other users connected to your network. Simplify Media is designed to help you do this with the minimum of fuss allowing you to share music via iTunes. In effect, it means that you can enjoy and share songs with your friends wherever they are as long as you have an internet connection.

Simplify Media works like an instant messenger client enabling you to send and stream music and tracks to your friends. In a glance, you can see what your friends are listening to or invite them to listen to the same tune as you. Simplify Media also works with Winamp or Rhythmbox and you can ensure that your little group of friends are the only ones that can see what you are playing. This is a truly cross platform and cross device app allowing you to share music with users on PC, Mac and Linux as well as iPhone and iPod Touch.

Simplify Media is a great tool for anyone who simply can't be without their music collection or is constantly on the move but loves sharing their music with others.

Improve stability, increase performance and decrease CPU usage.


  • Improve stability, increase performance and decrease CPU usage.
Simplify Media


Simplify Media

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